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With the contribution of the LIFE programme of the European Union - LIFE14 ENV/GR/000611

OASA Telematics – Information about public transport in real time

  Real time information about public transport is important in urban areas where thousands of citizens travel by means of transport and especially when the congestion on roads can affect their transportations and consequently every planned activity. Therefore, taking into account this urgent need of accurate and direct information of passengers about means of transport, OASA developed the OASA Telematics application, which provides real time information about the city buses of Attica prefecture.

 By using OASA Telematics, passengers have a variety of tools in order to plan their transportation. Though the application’s tool “Nearest Stops”, they can be informed about the nearest bus or trolley stop regarding their current location. They can also be informed in real time for the location of a bus, through “Location of Buses” tool. By selecting a specific itinerary, this feature of the application shows on a map the real location of the bus. In addition, when they are on a bus stop, though the “Arrivals” tool, they can be informed about the arrival time of buses of different itineraries to the bus stop.

  In addition, the application has a journey planning tool which provides the optimal route that has to be followed in order to reach a destination point from a current location by minimizing the waiting time in interconnections. In this tool, there are three different optimization criteria, for estimating the optimal route. The first one defines the type of the optimal route, as it can be determined by minimizing the time travel or the traveled distance. The second one concerns the time of departure, which can be “now” or a scheduled time. The third one concerns the maximum walking distance which can be included in the optimal route and the user can choose between 300m or 700m of maximum walking distance.

  Furthermore, there is the “Lines” tool, which provides information for all itineraries of buses and trolleys, and the “News” tool though which the passengers can be informed about news and announcements regarding public transport. There is, also, another one useful tool which has to be mentioned. It called “Favourites” and the user can save in this tool the most frequently used bus stops in order to find quickly real time information about the itineraries which pass through them and plan journeys easily.

  The OASA Telematics project is co-funded by Greece and European Union. The application is free and available in Android, IOS and Windows operating systems for smartphones and tablets.





The LIFE GYM [LIFE14 ENV/GR/000611] project is co-funded by the LIFE programme, the EU financial instrument for the environment.


The sole responsibility for the content of this report lies with the authors. It does not necessarily reflect the opinion of the European Union. Neither the EASME nor the European Commission are responsible for any use that may be made of the information contained therein.


Start Date: 15 September 2015 – Duration: 35 months

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