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With the contribution of the LIFE programme of the European Union - LIFE14 ENV/GR/000611



The List of Deliverables is available below.

If you are interested in having access in GYM's Deliverables, please click the request button.


A1 Report on GHG emission calculation models, co-modal routing algorithms, web & smartphone platforms for journey planning and co-modal routing policies at European level.

B1.1 Report on the development of the databasescheme, the manual and the software services developed for data access.

B1.2 Manual for GYM Database and GYM data-services Download

B1.3 Step-by-step wizard to create, modify and update GTFS data: Create Route / Modify and Update Route

B2 The final GYM database.

B3 Report on the enriched case-specific emission calculation methodology associated with a manual accommodating the extensibility and reusability of the models.

B4 Report on modelling and solution approaches for the environmental co-VRP associated with a manual accommodating the reusability of the modelling and solution approaches.

B5 Report associated with a manual accommodating the extensibility and reusability of modelling and solution approaches for re-scheduling.

B6 Report on the specifications of the web platform.

B7 Manual of the GYM web platform.

B8 Report on the Smartphone application (iOSand Android) implementing the environmental co-modal journey planner and manual.

B9 Report on GYM demonstration and replication phases (updated each time a replication/integration is finished).

C1 Report on a case-specific emission inventory methodology including updated information on the emission inventory calculations throughout the project (updated aftereach CP-in total 4).

C2 Monitoring report on the methodolog y, the data collected and the socio-economic impact updated at 3 specific check points.

C3 Report on monitoring & evaluation of GYM methods and techniques (updated in each CP).

D1 Report (updated every trimester) on website content produced.

D2 Reports including all electronic material produced and published (updated every 6 month months).

D3 Workshops and Webinars report summarising the main outcomes (updated one week after end of each workshop and webinar).

D4 Layman’s report.

D5 Report on the promotional material produced including copies and on the awareness campaign activities and outcomes (updated every six months).

D6 Report on identification of stakeholders, projects contacted and network actions held.

E1 Kick-off meeting and minutes.

E2 Risk Management Plan.

E3 After-life communication plan.

E4 Auditing report.

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