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With the contribution of the LIFE programme of the European Union - LIFE14 ENV/GR/000611 and       the co-financing of Green Fund, Greece



GreenYourMove (GYM) is a European Research Project co-funded by LIFE, the EU financial instrument for the environment - LIFE14 ENV/GR/000611. The project’s main objective is the development and promotion of a co-modal journey application to minimize GHG emission in Europe. GYM develops a multi-modal transport planner (both routing & ticketing system) considering all kinds of urban public transportation (urban and sub-urban buses, metro, tram, trolley, trains), where the user gets alternative routes combining more than one transport modes if necessary. The routes are the environmentally friendliest ones, since emissions are calculated for different scenarios.

Organisation of webinars


The project team organized 12 webinars. The webinars were addressed to transport operators and journey planners around EU.

The webinars produced are available online at the following links:


Aim of the webinars


The aim of the webinars is to demonstrate how the participants can:

  • Use the optimization algorithm for co-modal routing;

  • Use the optimization tool for re-scheduling of timetables;

  • Use the emission calculation models;

  • Make their network-related data available through GYM platform.

After the webinars the participants will be able to use the knowledge and tools they acquired to optimize their routes and be more cost effective for the citizens and the transport operator. This helps the transport operator to make important steps towards sustainable development as it reduces the travel cost for the citizens and the operating costs for them.  It will also work positively for the environment as pollutants are greatly reduced. This reduction is in line with the implementation of EU greenhouse gas emission reduction commitments under the Kyoto Protocol. The use of the platform also helps the establishment of the framework for a European multimodal transport information, management and payment system.


Webinars were run through an online platform. Webinars took place from Monday 1st of October, 2018 until Tuesday 16th of October, 2018.

Webinars agenda

Each webinar had the following agenda:


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