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With the contribution of the LIFE programme of the European Union - LIFE14 ENV/GR/000611


A monitoring protocol was established based on a novel emission inventory methodology, which was applied in the Greek transport network in order to assess the environmental impact of the problem.

GreenYourMove platform is expected to encourage car drivers to use public transportation and reduce the use of passenger cars. This was achieved by promoting co-modal and environmental efficient transport patterns. Every person shifting towards the public transport does not contribute in CO2 production, since the public transport mean would anyway be operating on the same route with or without the additional passenger.

For the estimation of the amount of CO2 saved after the launch of GreenYourMove platform, data for 14 intercity bus transport operators, 14 urban bus transport operators and TRAINOSE, responsible for the rail network in Greece, were included. Monthly tickets sold for intercity and urban bus transport operators were increased by 21% and 46% respectively, whereas TRAINOSE tickets were increased by 33% since the beginning of the project.

Half of this increase could be attributed to LIFE GYM outcomes and activities and is translated in CO2 savings of 0.03 Mt per month for urban and intercity buses and 0.01 Mt per month for the rail network (0.37 Mt and 0.18 Mt saved since the launch of GreenYourMove platform respectively).

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