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With the contribution of the LIFE programme of the European Union - LIFE14 ENV/GR/000611


In order to assess the economic impact achieved, LIFE GYM team recorded the impact in reference to:

  • Reduction of travel time (A.1)

  • Employment generation (A.2)

  • Data availability (A.3)

  • Journey planners’ involvement (A.4)

  • Improved know – how & competitiveness (A.5)


The overall economic impact of GYM is considered quite high, in all the above-mentioned categories.

Socio impact 1.jpg
Socio impact 2.jpg

For the purpose of monitoring the social impact of GYM, LIFE GYM team recorded the impact in reference to the following categories of criteria:

  • Social Changes (B.1)

  • Increase in the use of public transport (B.2)

  • Urban regeneration (B.3)

  • Networking (B.4)

  • Promotion of environmental friendly transport means & concept (B.5)

  • GYM tools acceptance (B.6)


The overall social impact of Green Your Move is vital in all categories.

Socio 1.jpg
Socio 2.jpg
Socio 4.jpg
Socio 3.jpg
Socio 6.jpg
Socio 7.jpg
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