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With the contribution of the LIFE programme of the European Union - LIFE14 ENV/GR/000611

Romania receives its first ever emission-free battery buses

The Romanian city of Cluj-Napoca, according to the country’s commitment to reduce the air and noise pollution levels across their country, has received the country’s first order of emission-free battery vehicles.

The electric buses were purchased under the Swiss-Romanian Cooperation Programme and it will be CTP Transport Company who will become the operator of the vehicles.

The 12m Urbino electric are equipped with a drive made in Poland. The model commissioned by the operator has been fitted with a central 160kW electric motor and 200kWh traction batteries. Adding electric buses to the fleet required investments into charging infrastructure, involving the construction of 11 slow-charging and two fast-charging stations using roof-mounted pantographs.

The buses for Cluj-Napoca feature air-conditioning in the passenger compartment as well as a complete monitoring system on the outside and inside of the vehicle. Furthermore,  Urbino electric buses have the option of offering free Wi-Fi access and can carry up to 78 passengers, with 10 seats accessible from the low floor for passengers with reduced mobility.

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