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With the contribution of the LIFE programme of the European Union - LIFE14 ENV/GR/000611

Smart Move Challenge: special focus on Mobility Startups

In a new development for 2018, Transports Publics, the European Mobility Exhibition, is organising the first edition of the European “Smart Move Challenge” from 19 February to 13 June, 2018. The contest will reward innovations developed by mobility startups.

The organisers of the European Mobility Exhibition are launching a “Smart Move Challenge” to highlight and support startups working in the mobility sector. The competition is open to emerging new firms seeking their first market and yet to find a firm footing in their chosen line of business. The aim of the new contest is to give startups an opportunity to present a solution or product facilitating personal mobility that operates or is used collectively, or on a sharing basis – providing passengers, local authorities, and operators with new ways of improving everyday mobility.

Award-winners will benefit from a support programme during their growth phase, meet innovation directors from major companies in the business, and be able to give an Experts’ Forum presentation on the third day of the Exhibition. The Grand Prize winner will also receive €10,000 worth of funding. Deadline for application pitch is the 6 April and startups’ entries can be submitted online at

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