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With the contribution of the LIFE programme of the European Union - LIFE14 ENV/GR/000611

ITS World Congress 2018

The ITS (Intelligent Transport Systems) World Congress rotates between Europe, the Asia Pacific region and the Americas, returning to Europe every three years. ERTICO ITS Europe organises either an ITS World Congress or an ITS European Congress every year. The Congress provides an opportunity for all stakeholders to come together, discuss and make the necessary contacts to move initiatives forward and to develop their business by exhibiting and demonstrating state of the art ITS solutions.

Sessions are a vital part of the ITS World Congress 2018 which takes place in Copenhagen in September. Under the theme “ITS - Quality of Life”, experts will have the opportunity to present the latest ITS solutions and mobility technologies. The Congress will be a momentum to show ground breaking results on how ITS solutions have created a positive impact for the citizens. 

The ITS Congress consists of three main areas:

  • Congress programme sessions and presentations of the latest developments in ITS

  • Demonstrations – showcases of current ITS technology being developed and deployed throughout the world)

  • Exhibition – exhibition booths and dedicated sessions/events

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The LIFE GYM [LIFE14 ENV/GR/000611] project is co-funded by the LIFE programme, the EU financial instrument for the environment.


The sole responsibility for the content of this report lies with the authors. It does not necessarily reflect the opinion of the European Union. Neither the EASME nor the European Commission are responsible for any use that may be made of the information contained therein.


Start Date: 15 September 2015 – Duration: 35 months

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