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Organisation of workshops


GYM team organized a second series of workshops, necessary for the development of a closer relationship with each of the transport operators. A GYM team member visited the offices of each one of the transport operators in order to increase the number of participants, meaning that transport operators wouldn’t have to travel to attend the workshops and could organize their schedule.

During these visits, a dissemination package was distributed to transport operators. This package included:

  • An invitation to the awareness campaign in September 2018: All transport operators included in LIFE GYM application were invited to participate in the project’s awareness campaign, which will be organized in September 2018, in parallel with the European Mobility week. The operators were invited to participate in a series of activities, including a drivers’ workshop to present the application, promotional material in the central stations, like posters, flyers, bus advertisements, promotional videos projection, television, radio, press and website interviews.

  • A data request letter: the necessary data for the monitoring of the environmental and socio-economic impact of the project were requested from transport operators for a four month period starting from June 2018 and ending in September 2018.

  • The 1st series of workshop minutes report: the minutes from the workshops held in April 2016 and their main conclusions were distributed to transport operators.

  • Timetables synchronization report (not available for Urban KTEL operators): for each Intercity KTEL operator a synchronization report concerning their timetables was prepared. This report was based on optimization models developed by the Mechanical Engineering Department of University of Thessaly. The objective of these models was the minimization of the waiting times in the central bus stations during connection trips.

  • A report concerning the environmental and socio-economic impact of the project: in this report the monitoring methodologies for the environmental and socio-economic impact developed under the frame of GreenYourMove project are presented. Also, this report includes the results concerning the first checkpoint.

  • GTFS editor manual: detailed instructions on how to update GTFS data and timetables in GreenYourMove application were provided to each transport operator. A username and password was generated for each transport operator, so that they can have access to the application.

  • Promotional material of the project: mousepads, notepads and flyers of the project were distributed to the transport operators.

GYM team under the frame of 2nd workshop series, visited the following transport operators:







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